What matters to you as a recruitment company?

Always up-to-date pool of candidates.

Painters who are members of Gutmeister platform have always up-to-date availability and prices. You as a recruitment company have access to our pool of candidates that is always updated in aspects of availability, prices, and locations.

Time, price, location.

As a recruitment company, you might have a huge pool of candidates, but very often the job location is prohibitively far away - leaving your pool of candidates useless. Gutmeister will ensure to bring you candidates that are available at work location - all you have to do is provide the job location postcode.

Laser precision to hiring.

Sometimes, by the time you reach a potential candidate - he/she is not available anymore, or location, or pay is not suitable, With Gutmeister, once you see the suggested candidates - these topics are already solved through our smart services.

Talent pool with a twist.

Gone are the times when your database of candidates has not been updated for so many years. With Gutmeister - actually, the updates are real time. To be more suitable to your needs, our services are available in seven languages: German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Albanian, and Ex-YU languages. Try us out!