What matters to you as a painter?

More work order opportunities.

Expansive job opportunities at your fingertips: Gutmeister revolutionizes how painters find work by automatically suggesting services to a wide range of projects, matching expertise with client needs. This efficient system connects you with suitable projects, saving time and increasing work consistency. As a member of the Gutmeister community, you focus on painting while the platform lines up projects for you. This approach streamlines workflow and increases efficiency.

A seamless integration of technology and convenience: Gutmeister's platform uses data-driven algorithms and machine learning to match painters with well-suited job offers, aligning with skills and business goals. The user-friendly interface simplifies profile management and project tracking. The platform also automates quote preparation, enhancing productivity and building a reliable reputation.

Transforming the traditional job market for painters: Gutmeister's introduction marks a shift in the painting industry. It's a comprehensive ecosystem that supports painters at every career stage, allowing more time for skill enhancement and inspiring projects. The platform fosters a painter community, offering connection and growth opportunities. Joining Gutmeister means joining a movement redefining industry standards, recognizing and rewarding painters' talents, and offering a brighter future.

More time for you.

Maximizing efficiency with advanced time management tools: Gutmeister offers a suite of tools to efficiently manage professional lives, eliminating manual tracking of schedules, materials, and availability. This digital system frees up time, allowing painters to focus on painting or personal activities. It helps plan projects effectively, manage materials, and avoid overbooking, ensuring a smoother work process.

Tailored services in multiple languages for painters of many nationalities: Gutmeister caters to painters worldwide by providing services in seven languages: German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Albanian, and Ex-YU languages. This multilingual support breaks language barriers, offering equal opportunities and fostering community among diverse painters. It promotes cultural and professional exchange, demonstrating Gutmeister's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Transforming the way painters work and live: Gutmeister has revolutionized the painting industry, not just in job finding but in managing professional and personal lives. Its platform handles administrative tasks, freeing time for skill enhancement, new techniques, or leisure. This leads to a better work-life balance, increased job satisfaction, and overall well-being. Gutmeister is more than a business tool; it's a lifestyle enhancement for painters, enabling smarter work and more flexible living.

Simplifying painter-client interactions.

Revolutionizing the traditional client interaction process: Gutmeister eliminates the need for painters to visit clients' homes for initial assessments. This saves time and resources, reducing travel-related carbon footprint. Gutmeister's technology calculates project measurements and requirements remotely, allowing painters to receive critical information without leaving their workspace. This change streamlines job acquisition, making it efficient and environmentally friendly.

How Gutmeister's cutting-edge technology works for painters: Gutmeister uses AI and ML to automate measurements and project planning. It analyzes data from previous projects to predict project parameters accurately, including paint, materials, and time required. Painters receive detailed project information, improving preparation and equipment readiness. This technology surpasses traditional manual site visits and measurements, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Experience the ease and convenience of Gutmeister's solution: Painters are encouraged to try Gutmeister's platform to experience its benefits. Receiving project details without site visits simplifies project initiation, allowing painters to take on more jobs. This approach is especially advantageous during the pandemic, minimizing physical interactions for safety. Gutmeister's solution aligns with modern needs for efficiency, safety, and sustainability, helping painters stay competitive. The platform's intuitive design and user-friendly interface support painters in their professional journey, offering a comprehensive solution for job finding and management.

Take your time to do the actual work of painting - leave the rest with us.

Embrace painting freedom with Gutmeister, a platform that reduces non-painting work for professional painters. Gutmeister covers job searches, project management, scheduling, and note organization. Its service suite caters specifically to painters' needs, offering a comprehensive solution for professional management.

Gutmeister streamlines administrative tasks and provides unparalleled support. Enjoy a free three-month trial to experience how Gutmeister transforms your work, focusing more on painting and less on logistics. Afterward, continue accessing all features for a modest monthly fee of 99 CHF. The platform ensures flexibility with a no-strings-attached policy, allowing cancellation anytime without hidden costs. Gutmeister's transparent, fair service gives you full control, supporting your success as a painter with a unique blend of technology and convenience.