What matters to you as a painter?

More job opportunities.

There is no need to manually send multiple offers every day. We will automatically suggest your services in even more projects that we are in our platform. You will enjoy your coffee while jobs are being arranged for you.

More time for you.

There is no need to keep notes about your work schedule, materials you used on a project last year, or even holidays when you are not available for work. We provide the tools for you to manage this, and much more. All the time you would spend on these tasks, is yours now. To be more suitable to your needs, our services are available in seven languages: German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Albanian, and Ex-YU languages.

No need to visit potential customers at their home.

There is no need to visit customer's homes and take measurements. We will automatically do all the calculations for you. You might ask How? The best way is to try it out.

Take your time to do the actual work of painting - leave the rest with us.

As a Painter, you will enjoy Gutmeister services because your effort on finding jobs, managing projects, planning time, managing holidays, and even managing your notes, is taken care by the Gutmesiter smart system. Our services to Painters are FREE for the first three months, and then 99 CHF per month. Of course, you can cancel our services at any time you wish - no strings attached and no hidden costs.