About Gutmeister GmbH

We are a team of data, software, and product professionals who happen to be passionate about improving their homes. We were founded to make home services a pleasant experience for all parties involved. We’re tackling this at three levels.

The innovation

We have a modern mobile and cloud first platform, which has already blown the imagination of what’s possible for digital marketplaces in the business of construction and renovations. Most home service providers are focused on the Sales while leaving the rest to standardised well-known processes, leading to status quo and lack of innovation. By contrast, Gutmeister enables companies to become efficient and focus on things that are important to the company, enabling growth and innovation. This is possible because Gutmeister is a smart, data-driven marketplace powered by AI cloud services, designed to fit the individual needs of property owners, while enabling efficiency and growth for service providers.

The experience

We focus on improving the experience of renovating homes. Homeowners should not need to postpone renovation work just because of eventual frustration, time, and cost. Similarly, service providers should not need to spend time, resources, and money on secondary functions to their business - they want to focus on what they do best. With our services, home owners and service providers have access to an easy, stress-free, and data-driven marketplace and smart software to support their growth and business efficiency.

The business

We enable home service providers to improve their efficiency. Our platform provides a set of tools that are specifically built to address long standing challenges in their business. Painting Companies need innovative solutions that give them better market reach while ensuring better project management and employee working satisfaction. On the other side, Property Management companies should have tools that enable efficiency, in time, cost, and overall experience. Finally, Recruitment Companies must have easy access to live talent pools that increases their hiring success rates, leading to pleasant customer experiences.