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Copyrights/use of the website and App

All information and content published under the Internet address and authored by Gutmeister GmbH, especially price suggestions, personal details, and service offers, as well as corresponding presentations, designs and software are protected by copyright for Gutmeister GmbH Gutmeister GmbH explicitly reserves all corresponding rights. No rights regarding software or other elements of the content of the internet address will be transferred to yourself by copying, using or downloading information. This also applies to the name Gutmeister GmbH, which is a registered trademark. The following conditions apply for using the Gutmeister GmbH website:

  • Gutmeister GmbH will provide free offers and matching for private individuals.
  • Gutmeister GmbH must give their consent to all commercial use of its services. This especially applies to offering advisory services based on Gutmeister GmbH offers and recommendations. Permission for commercial use may be obtained by writing to us through our contact form.
  • Gutmeister GmbH users commit themselves explicitly not to utilise information provided by Gutmeister GmbH in any shape or form for anything other than the original purpose. In particular, the user will refrain from copying, publishing or otherwise reproducing accessible data in any form, including the Internet.
  • Links to Gutmeister GmbH offers are explicitly permitted, as long as it remains clear that Gutmeister GmbH is the service provider. Please notify us if you construct a link to a Gutmeister GmbH offer, so that we can inform you if we restructure our site. Gutmeister GmbH reserves the right to take legal action against those neglecting to comply with copyright conditions.

No endorsement

Information published by Gutmeister GmbH is neither a recommendation nor an incitement to buy or sell any particular product or service.

Information for users

By using the Gutmeister GmbH website, users confirm their agreement that Gutmeister GmbH will send them further information on services from time to time. Users have the possibility of informing Gutmeister GmbH by e-mail at any time, should they not wish to receive further information.

No guarantees

Gutmeister GmbH make every effort to ensure all information presented on their site is up to date and correct. However, Gutmeister GmbH cannot explicitly or implicitly assure or guarantee that the information is accurate, reliable and complete. Gutmeister GmbH reserve the right to change any of their published information at all times and to deny public access to all information.

Usage of discussion forums

Gutmeister GmbH offer users the possibility of participating in discussions on certain topics, mostly in the form of feedback and rating. Using these discussion forums requires that the users have accepted the terms of use.

No liability

Gutmeister GmbH is under no circumstances liable (including cases of negligence) for loss or damage, including direct and indirect consequential damage, which may have resulted from access to, or any kind of use of information and opinions published on their website or links provided by Gutmeister GmbH to other websites, even if Gutmeister GmbH has been made aware of the possibility of such damages.

Links to other websites

The Gutmeister GmbH website contains links to other websites. Gutmeister GmbH is not in any way responsible and/or liable for these websites and their contents.

Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is St. Gallen.

Governing law

The usage of this website is subject to Swiss law.

In the event of litigation or dispute, only the German version of this website shall be definitive.

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