What matters to you as a property management company?

Maintenance painting services become easy.

Having to continuously arrange contractors to paint properties eventually becomes overwhelming. Gutmeister will manage all property painting needs for you. As a property manager, you simply select the project's finish date and the painting company that you prefer - job done.

Digitized approval process.

As a property manager, you have to collect offers from painting companies, analyse them, and eventually send them to the property owner for approval. This process takes time - your business case is on hold. With Gutmeister, the whole process is fully automated. The property owner will simply receive a notification, and it takes one click to approve or disapprove your offers. That is what digital transformation is all about.

Independence from service providers.

With Gutmeister you will not be locked to one or few painting service providers. In fact, the market transparency becomes the core strength of Gutmeister services. Short-notice painting projects are hard to manage, but with Gutmeister even these cases are solved within one minute.

Painting service providers at your hand - any time, any place.

Whether you are on the move or at your desk, it takes less than a minute to book a painter. To be more suitable to your needs, our services are available in seven languages: German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Albanian, and Ex-YU languages.