What matters to you as a homeowner?

One offer, the right one.

Compared to other services online, you will not have to review many offers with different prices. You just select the best home painter that matches your needs. Once the job is done, you will not continue to receive phone calls and emails, as usually happens, even after the project is finished.

No visits at your home.

There is no need to have painters visit your home to do measurements. We take care of that through using advanced technologies. All this is done without physical interactions. This is our response to COVID-19 situation.

Easy booking.

There is no need to endlessly search online for a painter. Our App makes this simple, easy, and efficient. Try us out.

Finding a painter has never been easier.

Gutmeister will find you a home painter so easy that it will feel as simple as buying milk, if not simpler. Our services to Homeowners are FOREVER FREE. Perhaps you ask how we do this? Our business model is based in the idea that whoever makes money using our services, will pay a subscription fee - therefore, home owners will have the service always for free. Android users can simply use the Register option.