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Heiko Schröder


“We contacted few friends trying to find a good painter - no luck. Then we found the Gutmeister website. We tried it out and within 5 minutes we booked the painter who did not even have to visit us for work evaluation. He simply came once and did a perfect job.”

Fatmir Ahmeti


“I needed a service as Gutmeister to find and manage my work projects. I signed up within 15 minutes. The service has a free trial period but after it expired I just had to subscribe - it made my job much easier. I am very happy to have offers sent to me, my work schedule and holidays being managed, and all information about projects also being organised. Perfect service!”

Volker Wiedemann

Property Agent

“Gutmeister saved us many times when our partners were not available in a short notice. Having hundreds of flats to manage, this happened often. Gutmeister solution reduced our work a lot - literally we could book a painter within one minute.”

Alexander Garcia


“Very often we have painting companies asking us for painters to be available in a very short term and in a specific location. It was frustrating for us to go through candidates and find the right ones in terms of availability, skills, and price. With Gutmeister, all we have to do is type the postcode and dates of availability for work. Such a relief.”

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Our Mobile App is designed and developed having the end-user in mind. While homeowners and business customers can use our services from their desktops and laptops, painters prefer on-the-go access through our easy to use mobile App (Android users can simply use the Sign up option).


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Advantages of using the Gutmeister services

Apartments, houses and offices are the places where we spend most of our day. Having a good environment is therapeutic and fascinating at the same time.


Why is Gutmeister the best solution to find a painter?

Are your house walls looking bad? Don't like the way your room is painted? Or do you hate old paint dripping on your home and want a new and fresh look for your home?


How to save money painting your house

A home is a place where we find peace or create memories and share our precious moments with loved ones. It's a place where life begins with beautiful colors.


Should you paint your interior walls in winter?

Many home renovation projects go dormant during the winter and cold season. This is useful for most garden or outdoor projects.


How does Gutmeister serve the painters?

As the world gets smarter, almost everyone uses smart devices, so everyone takes advantage of it to make their life easier.


How to paint home radiators?

Painting radiators is a lot different than some other household painting jobs. It's just not the same as painting walls, baseboards or even doors: there's a lot more to it than that.


A guide to painting front doors and windows

The main door is a place for visitors and people living in an in-and-out location, while the window serves as a daylight for daylight entering the space from outside the home.


How do you design children's rooms?

Designing a space for your little ones to play and learn can and should be a great experience. All in all, it can also be difficult.


Choosing the best color to paint your bedroom

If you need an adjustment in the room, you don't really need to touch up the entire room. New room furniture, decorations and floor surfaces can be against..


If you're painting the ceiling of your home, you should hire a professional painter

Rarely is the roof considered in remodels or refreshments. A conventional white look is added all the more regularly when the roof is addressed.


Design tips for decorating your home

Designing your home is undoubtedly very exciting and the whole process can be overwhelming. Trying to achieve the overall blend of form and function can be quite a challenge.


Why DIY painting isn't always the best option

Getting the ideal tone on your walls seems easy enough, right? it just feels like you just have to grab a brush, apply some paint and smash!


Why it's important to hire a professional painter

Painting your home or office without others can be an overwhelming task. It is a task that requires competent skills to achieve good results.


How to decide interior wall paint color for your home?

Choosing colors for your home can be a real challenge. You may feel so overwhelmed by the multitude of colors that you don't even know where to start.


How can you prevent condensation and mold growth on the walls of your home?

By the time you're reading this, you've probably joined a growing club of people suffering from mold and condensation.


Professional Swiss Painters to Paint Your World to Your Imagination

Gutmeister is a painters’ mediation portal based in Switzerland where you can find the best painters for home interior painting work.


Useful Tips for Homeowners to Effortlessly Find Professional Painters

Find local painters for homeowners with the help of intuitive Gutmeister with quick online quotes.


Finding a Job as a Home Painter? Here is What You Need to Know!

Gutmeister helps painters who are looking for job opportunities. Register today and make things work for you.


Find Experienced and Top-Rated Swiss Painters to Grow Your Business

When recruiting companies need painters, they turn to Gutmeister Swiss painters’ mediation portal – your one-stop solution for all your painting needs.