What matters to you as a painting company?

Efficiency through digitalization.

Technology makes businesses more efficient. Gutmeister will enable your company in almost all aspects of digital transformation related to sales, project management, expense control, and employee scheduling. Writing offers has always been time-consuming and half-hearted. Gutmeister applies advanced data science to learn from your pricing and help you with instant quotations. To be more suitable to your needs, our services are available in seven languages: German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Albanian, and Ex-YU languages.

Effortless project evaluation.

Painting companies have to visit many potential customers for project evaluation purposes. That means expenses in transport, people, and administration - while chances of winning all these projects are lower. Gutmeister offers services that remove the need for physical visits to customer locations - in these times of pandemics, this feature alone helps you keep your employees as healthy as possible.

Easy employee management.

Managing working schedules of all employees takes a full-time effort - when you add efforts to manage financial aspects, it takes even more resources. Gutmeister will manage working schedules of your employees, and not only that, it will also manage employee holidays, project earnings, personal details, and even daily availability of workforce for unpredicted work demand.

Enable your painters to become managers of their own projects.

As a painting company, when subscribing with Gutmesiter, you will see at least 20% decrease in costs related to offer writing. In addition, you will see around 40% decrease in costs related to project evaluations. Of course, we have our iPhone App and Android-ready web solution. Our services to painting companies are based on contractual agreements. Therefore, contact us for a discussion on how to best support your business.