How Gutmeister serves the painters?

As the world is getting smart, almost every person is using smart devices so everyone takes its benefits to make one’s life easier. Realizing where the world is headed, we created a service that helps painters to manage their work. They can simply install our app or access our website and make an account to get maximum work in less time. Also, they can get work according to their own suitable time, locations, and rates.

They do not need to roam around to find work – they don’t need to write offers nor to visit potential customers. They can do all the dealings through our services. In this way, the Gutmeister helps painters to save their time and to get maximum work.

Gutmeister’s journey started with the aim to make renovation and home services easily accessible to the property owners, painters, painting agencies, letting agencies, and even temporary recruitment agencies. The main motive behind this service is to save people’s time and energy in finding the best home service provider. It takes a lot of time for all parties involved. It takes a lot of time for experts to visit properties and negotiate for their desired amount of money for a particular work. And it is the same stress for homeowners to sign a final deal.

These days, most people avoid physical meet-ups due to the COVID-19 situation and although the situation will improve, it will leave its own mark – people will not want physical interaction when it can be done differently. Imagine meetings of painters to different property owners, it will be perceived as risky and time-consuming. So, to solve these problems we provide services through our data-driven smart marketplace. Through this service, it is very convenient to find work by the painters or to find an expert by the property owners.

The core value of Gutmeister is to make it easy for the people who are trying to find a painter or the painters who are trying to find work without wasting time. Using our service, property owners, as well as painters and other service providers, can sign up and make their accounts. All the details regarding the area of the property, price, time to complete the project, time management, are calculated within our services. You will have a lot of options before making a deal. Here are the details of the service and how it works.

How to register yourself and log in?

The first step is to register yourself. For that, you have to download the app or go for the website link. When you’ll get to the app or web page go for the Sign-up option. The Sign-up page will have two options. One is for the painters and the other is for the property owners (later there will be Painting companies, letting agencies, temporary recruitment agencies, etc.).

You will select “I am a painter” to register yourself as a painter. After selecting the option, you will be asked to enter your phone number and register yourself. Once you’ll register you can log in by entering your phone number and verification code, without an email or password to remember.

During the registration, once you have completed your profile by selecting your preferred language, adding your picture address and contact number, there is a series of questions where our intelligent service understands how you quote – What is your pricing for various painting activities? What is the cost or materials that you use? What is the speed of completing the work, etc?

You will be asked questions that help our services to fully understand how you quote. Questions are related to:

You as a painter can write the prices according to your demand in all the options given above. You can always start your pricing model from scratch i.e., reset questionnaire. In this option, you can write the rates of different deals and estimated timings for the project to complete. In that questionnaire you can write your rates per hour, per minute, per m², per km, CHF/h, CHF/m², min/m², and CHF/room. There are different rates for metal and wood or radiator styles.


Next to the account icon, there is another icon for notifications. From notifications, you’ll get to know about the offers you have, the deadlines of different orders you are taking, and also reviews you give or take. Moreover, it’ll also give you information about the offers, which are accepted automatically based on your availability.

Information about the projects

Right next to the notification icon there is another icon named Projects. By clicking on that icon, you can see the projects in the pipeline. By clicking on a certain project, you’ll get to know about the deadline of the project, price, and distance. There are also three other levels of the project i.e., in progress, approved, and completed. There is a bar that shows three different colors to show the progress of the project. The orange color shows the project is in progress, the blue color shows the project is approved, and the green color shows the project is completed.

Features of the home icon

Next to the project icon, there is another icon named the Home icon. On the Home, there are two options. One is for filters and the other is for maps. When you click on filters it will give you four more options which include earliest start date, shortest distance, lowest price, and flat size. One can manage its account by choosing these options. With the help of maps, one can locate the location of property owners easily.

Now, talking about visiting the profile of clients you need to click on the profile there you’ll find the details of a person, details of work such as the area, and you’ll find the location and distance from your place to the location of the property owner.

How does The Gutmeister save time for the painters?

Time is precious to everyone, so is to painters. Initially, painters roam from place to place to find work. Sometimes, they need to visit a lot of places which are far from their homes to do measurements and send offers – and when they don’t get that work, all the time and energy are wasted. Also, during the COVID situation, many people avoid physical meetings. For the solution of all such problems, the Gutmeister solves the need for physical interactions until the actual work needs to be done and when the homeowner is not home anyways.

Further, the painters have access to a much bigger customer base simply by using their smart devices they connect to the market demand directly – through using Gutmeister services.

The Gutmeister enables the painters to know about the area and nature of the work. They will get plenty of time to arrange their things beforehand such as paints, brushes, etc. Painters do not need to contact any middle-men and give them commissions for contracts. Also, they can fix their prices. They don’t need to negotiate with the property owner unless there is extra or specific work needed. Everything is fixed. Even a period to complete the work.

Painters will get the notifications as different property owners will try to reach them out. They will see the prices offered by owners, time to complete the project, distance, and expenses on their work beforehand so that they can decide whether this contract is suitable or not. In this way, they can save time and do their work more efficiently.

Advantages of Gutmeister

This digital service is very advantageous in terms of its process (machine learning), instant booking price convergences, and auto pricing while making deals.

Machine Learning (ML) process

This is an effective process by which the user gets instant replies with high optimization and accuracy. By using this method, the probability of mistakes decreases, and reliability on data increases. We also help you to provide optimistic prices for your deals. ML also helps people to respond and select seven different languages through this service.

Price convergence

The market is a very confusing place as it offers a wide range of prices. This is a headache for both painters and property owners. Our services solve this issue and converge prices by offering ideal deals by using mathematics. Gutmeister cut down the prices to ideal prices for making them ideal for property owners as well as for painters.

Auto pricing

Gutmeister is taking another step i.e., auto pricing by using a statistical approach to enable auto quoting for painters as well as property owners. So, one can hire a painter according to its budget and painters can take contracts according to their demands.

Easy booking facilities

Gutmeister’s most effective option is easy booking. You just need to go to the website, find a person according to your work nature, requirements and budget and make a booking just for clicks. The whole procedure is explained in detail.

Gutmeister’s underlying magic

Gutmeister provides home services to the painters and the homeowners for renovation and painting. The Gutmeister, as a smart digital marketplace provides a good platform for getting good experts at a reasonable price and according to your budget and it is also providing a good opportunity for work to painters and other professionals.

By using the service, you can save your time, take away your stress, provide a clean line and quality work with good market rates. So, the service is beneficial for the people who want their houses to be renovated by selecting experts with the best rates and work experience without much effort.

The overall home services, such as painting, becomes a pleasant experience for all parties involved.