Why is Gutmeister the best solution to find a painter?

Do your home walls look bad? You don’t like the way your room is painted ?Or do you hate the way old paint is coming down all over your flat and you want a new and fresh look for your flat?

You, as a homeowner, do not need to worry, we have got an easy solution that will spruce up your flat at no time.

If you’re a property manager and have to deal with maintenance of so many flats, we got your back.

Every property owner wants to have services that are reliable and easily accessible. Property owners are worried about their money because most of the time they have to spend a lot of money, time and energy just for the sake of their home renovation. It gets hectic for them to find a reliable source from where they can get reliable painters.

Similarly, for property managers, having to manage painting, quality, price, visits, documents, and time schedule for dozens or hundred of flats, it gets unmanageable and inconvenient. To find reliable painters one needs to spend a lot of time while contacting them, arranging visits, approving quotes and scheduling. That is why the process is extremely time consuming and cumbersome. And when the process is that tiring, people usually tend to postpone their maintenance schedules and it keeps bugging them whenever they look around their house.

Painters are the service providers, they also have to spend a lot of time while generating non-binding quotes. Service providers also have to do gruesome work.

They have to travel from one place to another in order to visit properties, measuring, negotiating and finally they have to reach a point so that they can have a particular agreement to proceed further in relevance to their work.

But in the era of pandemic, it does not seem appropriate for painters to visit different places for visiting properties, measuring, negotiating etc. as it can increase health risks. That is exactly why we want to minimize unnecessary physical interaction.

Just imagine three to four painters visiting your home, getting inside of each room, performing measurements, just so that they can provide you a non-binding quote.

This is where Gutmeister, digital marketplace, comes knocking at your door. Gutmeister supports all stakeholders involved in home services by addressing their needs through its data-driven smart marketplace. This solution (Web and App) is designed in a way so that everyone can use it easily. One as a property owner can easily and instantly find that one painter who is available, experienced and highly rated.

If you are a painter and you are looking for a job then this is your stop. And if you are the one looking for a painter then here is where you are going to find the reliable and high rated painters available out there. You don’t have to go out to find a service provider. It’s at your fingertips. With the help of Gutmeister you can find painters who would be available at your convenience and whose price would also be acceptable and appropriate.

If someone is using the Gutmeister solution as a painter then she/he would receive deals that are already priced, time-boxed and scheduled based on your calendar. It will also include all the information that would prepare a person for the upcoming project.

All you have to do as a service provider is to install the App (or access our website) and mark your available days. The rest is with the intelligent systems of Gutmeister. You will be notified of the new job that fits your pricing model, schedule, and distance. You will have 24 hours to reject a job – otherwise, it is yours to complete and get paid as arranged with the homeowner. As we all know service providers are the one doing the wages and labor work, so we tend to provide them with a more efficient work schedule. No one has to go out there in this era of pandemic to visit properties and not get anything. They can simply have this app and select the job according to their expertise.

So, the process of getting a painter is not hectic at all, it will be quick and easy as the process of finding a painter is shortened from a week of many calls and interactions to a minimum of 4 clicks. It is what it actually takes to book the painter on the Gutmeister. This process is a value proposition of our services. The one needing services gets top rated service by the best service provider.

The most underlying magic that our system provides is that we use supervised machine learning to substitute time demanding physical field work to go and perform customer visits to measure the surfaces that need to be painted. In addition we utilize polynomial interpolation to remove offer bias and offer quotations instantly. We use data driven analytics to improve on services, quotation and most importantly transparency.

There are some important and unique features in our Gutmeister that are not being practiced in any other home services provider yet. Our ML features are something we are proud of. These specially generated features are the ones that have not been seen in any similar service anywhere in the world. To serve property owners and service providers we strive to bring the best data driven features.

The list of features includes Machine Learning based features and price optimization, no home visits and instant booking, seven languages are available, transparency and regulations guarding, mobile first and easy registration is provided, painters recruitment, auto quotations and task scheduling, analytics and reopening.

Price optimization

Price optimization lets you choose the project right according to your budget if you are property owner and if you are a service provider, it will show you the best price projects available.

No home visits are especially generated for the extreme convenience of both parties. Keeping in view the pandemic that we are in, this is what you need in your profession.

Language Feature

Seven Languages feature provides comfort for any user that potentially speaks one or more of the supported languages.


Transparency in any project is an open and honest communication about the project which lets both parties get to know all the details of the project they are getting into.

Easy Registration

Mobile First and Easy Registration is what makes Gutmeister super easy to use. You just have to download the app and sign up and there you go. Or even easier, just visit our website and the service is also available online. Start getting or providing services according to your needs and skills.

Painters’ recruitment and auto quotations are other features that makes Gutmeister perfect to use among our other data-driven features like task scheduling and analytics.

Quick Market Overview

There are 19000 painters in Switzerland. 20 percent French, 5 percent Italian and 68 percent German. Swiss operating painting company sizes such as small, large and micro carry 23 percent for small, 14 percent for large and 63 percent for micro. There are around 554 member companies under the biggest Swiss painter’s association. Around 40% of construction market share goes to renovation and maintenance.

Our services are easy to use and inexpensive. Traditional products do not rely on smart validations, predictions, calculations or steering rather than relying on pure data entry and process. Complex systems put the user into many choices and provide confusing results because they have clicks to results.

None of the competitors have a mobile and cloud first strategy. However, most painters use primarily smartphones, like others use. This app uses machine learning to complete the task so we could avoid physical interaction related to tasks. Wide pricing ranges of quotes are one of the headaches for homeowners, so we have narrowed that through utilizing mathematics. Both parties would not have to go through the hustle of looking for the best price.