Should you paint your inner home walls during the winter?

Many projects around home renovations go to sleep during winter and cold season. This makes sense for most of gardening or exterior home projects. However, inner wall painting at your home is not one of them. In fact, it even makes sense to do it during the winter because of all the benefits that you get. Also, there are personal reasons that will influence your decision to paint your inner home walls during the winter. Few of these reasons supporting your decision to take on the project during the winter are:

1. You’re gonna get the best pricing from that paint job you’ve always wanted to get done. At this time of year you’re gonna get the best pricing you can get – perhaps 10-30% less for the same job that you’d be paying if done in the summertime.

2. Contrary to what most of us might believe, drying times of paint during the summertime are longer because of humidity.Most of paints dry quickly, adhere well and are easy to work with at winter tempereatures inside homes. The belief that windows need to be open non-stop during painting process are not accurate for most of today’s painting products. The winter painting will also help with having less dust adhering to the walls compared to the summer. Additionally, there is more dust during the summer while the paint drying process is longer – it just makes it guaranteed that more dust will end up in your inner walls if painting happens during the summer.

3. During the summer, waiting times for painters are much longer because of the many orders they already have – due to common belief of people that summer painting is better. If the project is planned for the summer, you can wait any time between four to six weeks to get your paint job done. If plannedfor the work to be done during the winter, you can get it done anywhere within one to two weeks or even sooner depending on your circumstances.

4. Your timing also plays the key factor because during the summer you’re out and about. Perhaps you decide to go on summer camp, summer holidays, and you’re just too busy to get the paint job done. During the winter, you will be around and see the fruits of the project results while you might as well enjoy the whole painting process as an experience of taking part to make it as better as you can.

5. Finally, having the inner painting project completed during the summer gives you much more time to focus on other projects that are possible only during the summer – so, you do not have to cut on other projects or your holiday plans because of the painting project – which, if you read this article, you would have done it during the winter.