Finding a Job as a Home Painter? Here is What You Need to Know!

Most people consider painting the walls of the home to be a fairly simple task. They like to take it on as a D.I.Y project. However, this might not be the case. When your walls need any repair or maintenance work, you definitely need to hire professionals. These scenarios have made it difficult for professionals to find a painting job. While painters feel hiring is their biggest challenge, low price stands second on the list. Scheduling is another big problem.

How Gutmeister works?

To address all the problems faced by professional painters, Gutmeister has launched a Swiss painter's mediation portal. This portal helps the painters meet the homeowners, painting companies, property management companies, and recruitment companies. The painter can easily manage their work as they can find work as per their preferred timing, location, and rate. In comparison to other portals, Gutmeister makes things pretty easy for the painters, the recruitment companies, painting companies, property management companies, and the homeowners. Painters don’t have to deal with all the troubles like running around or writing offers, or even visiting customers to take measurements of their houses. They can manage everything with the help of the portal. Gutmeister aims to help painters get maximum work.

How beneficial are the Gutmeister portal and app?

Gutmeister offers a web portal and an app that works as magic for the painters. It saves their time and energy to get painter work. The painters don’t have to look for a job or connect with the homeowner's recruitment companies on a daily basis. The portal automatically books your services for different projects as per your availability. You just need to add your availability, your price list, material calculations, your location, and relax while the Gutmeister’s smart system finds a job for you.

As transparency is the key to finding the right job, the portal offers assigned priced quotes to the painter while the owner needs to agree with it as well. This all happens with the advanced techniques of linear and logarithmic regression. This helps in removing any biased offers and keeping things fair for both parties.

The other benefit of using Gutmeister is that you don’t have to keep notes of your work schedule or the materials. By registering with the portal, you can find painters' jobs online. As the services are available in seven different languages such as German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Albanian, and Ex-YU languages, the approach becomes more practical.

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the portal will predict all the numbers and calculations for you. So, you don’t need to visit the customer’s home on a prior basis for all the measurements you need.

How does the iPhone app work?

Now iPhone users can have the comfort of using the Gutmeister iPhone app from their smartphones. Registering yourself, scheduling your time, checking out other details, etc. can be done within a few clicks. No need to start your laptop when you have the app handy. The app works as smoothly as the portal.

How to register on Gutmeister?

You must be enthralled to know that registering with Gutmeister is effortless. You just need a few minutes to understand the complete process in this painter's portal. You will enjoy using the portal as it cuts down on your efforts. You can find jobs, manage projects, manage your leaves, plan the schedule and even manage your notes with the portals. For the first three months, you don’t have to pay any fees. If you like the portal and want to continue, then you just need to pay 99 CHF per month. You can discontinue the services as per your wishes.

To register with Gutmeister, first, go to the web portal. Sign up as a painter. Add your phone number, enter the verification code, and you are sorted. Then you can select your preferred language, add your location and answer the other questions to complete the profile. You will be asked about the services you provide to understand the quality of your work. This helps in giving you the right quote. Once the registration is done, you can sit and sip your coffee, while the portal will find work for you.

Benefits for painters

This is one of the best portals for independent painters looking for jobs. There are many benefits of using the portal and some of them are mentioned below:

Notifications: The painter can get notifications about jobs, deadlines, and reviews. You can also get information about the requirement so that you are never out of work.

Maps: Maps help in saving time. You can reach the location of the property owner easily. Also, find the distance from your place to manage time efficiently.

No prior visits: As the portal provides you with all the measurements of the house, you do not have to make any prior visits. On the scheduled day, you can visit the location and start painting.

Auto pricing: With advanced technology, Gutmeister provides an auto quotation for the painters. Therefore, the painters can take contracts as per their demands.

Price lists: Managing your price lists has never been easier. Gutmeister uses your price lists and work pace to calculate offer on your behalf.

Availability: The platform takes care of your calendar and workload, it arranges jobs based on effort days, end even fits in your holiday plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1- How Gutmeister provides fair quotations?

Gutmeister uses Artificial Intelligence, advanced statistics, and maths. By using these techniques, it offers quotations for Swiss painters' jobs. This helps in keeping the deal fair.

2- What are the charges for registering with Gutmeister?

To register with Gutmeister, the painter doesn't have to pay anything for the first 3 months. After that, the painter needs to pay a fee of 99 CHF per month. The painter can end the subscription at any time. The homeowners never pay anything. Business accounts are arranged under contractual agreements with our Sales.

3- Is the web portal easy to use?

Yes, Gutmeister is one of the easiest and simple web portals to use. You simply need to register, add all the information required, and look for the painter subcontractor wanted.

To conclude

Be it a painter, homeowner, painting company, property management company or painter recruitment company, Gutmeister provides services to make life simple for all. You just need to register with the portal or the app and find an instant solution. State-of-the-art technology is used to make things work according to your preferences.