Advantages of using the Gutmeister services

Flats, houses and offices are the places where we spend most of the time of our day. Having a good environment around is therapeutic and mesmerising at the same time. For a soothing and therapeutic environment, the paints of the walls are the basics. But before thinking about a change of paint, numerous questions come to our mind i.e. How to find the best painter? How much time will be required? What would be the charges? How to select an appropriate color of paint for each wall? The frustration that comes with all the questions often makes people skip the painting for another few months or a year.

Problems of the property owners and service providers

In our lives, we all face such problems. Being property owners, it is very difficult to find a reliable home service provider, find good deals, arrange time schedules, find the best work to be done, arrange meetings with experts, and many more. On the other hand, service providers, painters in this case, face a lot of problems too. Their problems are more of a time inefficiency such as traveling a lot to visit the sites, assessing the work, performing measurements, negotiating, sending offers, and making agreements. Especially these days, in COVID situations, having interaction with a lot of people is avoided by most of us.

Solutions provided by Gutmeister

Gutmeister is the smart marketplace where you as a home owner can find a solution to your queries and problems related to home services. At the same time, you as a service provider, be it a person or a company. will be exposed to new jobs, offered project management services, and even recruitment. We provide you with a platform (web and App) through which you can find the solution to your problems just in a few clicks. As a property owner, you can get an expert (painter) according to your rate, schedule, and your convenience. As an expert (painter) you can get the deals that are priced, scheduled and contain all the information which can help you to get ready for your project.

Gutmeister’s value scheme

Our core value is to provide you a systematic platform for hiring an expert for the renovation of your homes, offices, and buildings. Similarly, our system also helps the service providers to get the work according to their expectations and schedules. Gutmesiter instantly matches supply and demand needs, therefore you can hire an expert and get your work in a few clicks rather than get yourself exhausted for a week or months.

Gutmeister’s underlying AI, ML, and maths magic

Features of our platform (Web and App)

Through this app, we provide data-driven features that are not provided by any other service provider in the world. The list of the features are as follows:

Data-driven features and price optimization

AI features are deep learning features through which you will get instant replies and complete reliability of your data. We are also providing optimistic prices for your deals.

No home visit and instant booking

These days, due to covid situations, most of us do not want physical interaction with different people. So, by using the Gutmeister service you can hire a painter without home visits.

Service languages

We are providing services in seven different languages, namely: German, French, Italian, Albanian, Portuguese, Ex-YU, and of course, English.

With the Gutmeister service, there is nothing hidden. The customer would be directly finding a painter. There will be proper regulations for both of the parties but also legal guardrails notifying both sides about further steps that need to be taken.

Using our platform is meant to be easy. You will simply visit the website or install the App, then register yourself, provide job details, and there you go. You can find a painter with a few clicks. Similarly, the painter will get a job with actually zero clicks – it is all intelligently automated.

In the case of a painting company that uses gutmeister services, we also offer recruitment services. This means that when (not if) you need a temporary painter, you will simply search on our platform and we will take care of the best match from a pool of so many painters.

The Gutmeister will help you get the best offer taking care of your schedule but also service provider’s schedule.

Analytics and reporting

To make the whole process hustle-free, the Gutmeister will provide propers system of analysis, reporting, and predictions.

Gutmeister’s business model

When we talk about the business model of Gutmeister, property owners use the service for free. On the other hand, when we talk about the service providers, they will offer their services in exchange for money. Service providers and companies will pay a monthly subscription.

Competitive advantages of the Gutmeister

If we compare it with the competition, none of the competitors have a mobile app for bookings. Although most of the painters use smartphones, none of the competition has mobile apps so Mobile-first is our strategy.

Taking the COVID situation under consideration, we introduced AI to avoid physical interaction-related tasks. This is also feasible from the business perspective, because service providers do not spend time on visits.

For house owners, a wide range of prices is a headache. To overcome this issue, we are narrowing price ranges by using mathematics and statistics.

To make it simple, we use previous home renovation work to quickly create the next project, bringing the whole process down to 4 clicks to book a painter.

We use a statistical approach to enable auto-quoting for painters. Bringing the homeowners to an instant fulfillment of their need to have an instant quotation.

Customer satisfaction and customer service

We all hear about these two terms. We hear a lot of apps and websites offer customer care, customer service, and customer satisfaction. But what actually customer service means? Gutmeister figured this out and offered true customer care. For us, customers are the most honorable persons and to fulfill their requirements and to satisfy them is our priority. We made this app easy to use and reliable for property owners as well as experts who paint the walls.

Benefits of using an app

To find a good painter and renovation of a house, especially painting, is a big task to do. Most of the people who don’t have enough time to do this get exhausted by finding a good painter. So, to solve this problem, smart digital markets are a great relief for busy people. With the help of such professional painting companies and services like Gutmeister, people can save their time to do some other important tasks.

Painting takes a lot of precious time to select paint, and basic preparation is also time-consuming. So, to overcome this, one should contact painting companies one by one. With Gutmeiser, all this will be stress-free.

This app will help you to hire a painter with good experience and a reasonable rate. You do not need to negotiate as our service will help you to get a fixed rate which is according to the premises and work which needs to be done.

Now to summarize the uses and benefits of the Gutmeister services, we would promise a good, reliable, easy to access system for the people who do not have much time for renovation or to meet several painters for hiring them. Gutmeister also helps you to avoid personal contact bringing efficiency for service providers and peace of mind for homeowners. You can hire an expert by using the Gutmeister services with just 4 clicks. This is beneficial for both the painter and the property owner. The property owner gets a painter without much effort and the painter gets work at good rates without much site visits nor offerings. So, Gutmeister services are beneficial for the people who want their houses to be renovated by not contacting numerous experts with different rates and work experience and without effort to meet them.